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On October 11, I went with a group of friends to eat dinner at Radio Maria's for Homecoming night. The restaurant is located in downtown Champaign, IL and is a quiet, modern place with an "edgy" menu.

There were 17 in our party and we were seated immediately (having a reservation). After 15 minutes, our waiter, a young awkward guy, finally asked our drink orders. Half an hour later, we got our drinks. Some ordered appetizers that were too small for infants and too overpriced. We put in our order around 7:30 and a full hour and a half later, after much nagging, we got our food. The majority of the party ordered chicken linguine, a simple concept, no? Wrong. The chicken was cold and the pasta sauce was unbearably spicy. One friend ordered a steak well-done, and after the waiter explanined that the wait was due to this order, she received a steak not even done. I had a steak as well, and although it was prepared decently, it was also abnormally spicy. Needless to say, no one enjoyed their meals.

Not only was the service artrocious, but some other waiters couldn't contain themselves enough to stop starring at my friends' chests. Fully grossed out and also extremely hungry, we were shocked to receive bills for fraudulent amounts. Along with an outrageous 18% tip that put myself out of $11. We naturally argued the tip, stating the service wasn't worth a dime. Some friends asked to speak to the manager and to our surprise, our waiter was such person. Believable? I think not!

We were late, hungry, and unsatisfied and made the decision to just leave, never to return again. So I let them keep that $11 dollars, maybe they can use it to buy better service and more comfortable chairs.

Please, I beg you, not to dine at Radio Maria's.

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